Hello… are you still there? Well, I am. It’s been over a year since I last posted on this blog and you know what? I’m ok with that. The old me would be guilting myself out for having started something and not following through with it, but that’s not who I am anymore. It’s taken a while, just over a year to be more precise, to figure out what I really need in life. And that thing is, perspective.

I will never be that person who, when things get down, make a statement such as “well, there are starving people in Africa.” or “at least we still have our jobs.” Do not get me wrong. I am grateful to have my job, and I am thankful that I’m not starving (God only knows my scale will attest to that,) but, I’m more likely to be the person rolling my eyes and scoffing when those statements are made, than to be the one making them myself.

What I have learned over the last year though, is to compare my current situations to where I’ve been in the past. I compare my prospects, my marriage, my friendships, my everything, to where I was at another point in my life. For instance, when I’ve had a particularly rough day at work, I remember how it was just 4 months ago, hitting the pavement trying to find work.  When I get in a fight with a family member, I remember what it was like all the time I was across the country and not even able to fight with them!

It’s absolutely a wonderful thing… perspective. What it’s taught me, is to appreciate the now. Appreciate the things I have going on in my life, right now. Because if history has taught me anything, these things will change. For better or worse, these things will change. So I’m going to revel :)


When there’s so much to do that you don’t know where to begin, it’s often best to sit and ponder everything that has nothing to do with what needs to be done.

For the past two weeks, I’ve anticipated today. Today was the day that I would get everything done. Pay bills, go to the market, pick up things about town and do the “big laundry.” Today was the day that we finally went from having nothing to having a bit more than nothing, and I had fully intended on taking advantage of that. Instead, I find myself in our mattress (which is still on the floor of the living room due to the random heat wave we’ve had and our lack of central air) surrounded by milano cookies, diet coke and dvd cases.

I have planned more things for our wedding, caught up on all my favorite blogs, spent a few hours solving online jigsaw puzzles and another few hours just staring at the cat while he stared back, wondering what he could possible be thinking.

The strangest part of all, is that normally, I am agitated when I’m not productive, but right now, I am feeling almost blissful. I never take time to just sit without running through my mind everything I need to get done for everyone else. I never eat cookies that I haven’t spent time making and baking myself and then cleaning up afterwards and I NEVER watch more than 20 minutes of a movie on my own. But this morning was spent with such a high level of anxiety running about me, that I decided I not only needed this time to myself, but heck… I deserved it.

It’s my gift to me. And my gift to God today will be time spent in prayer and meditation on the blessings of my life. And my gift to my sweetheart? Legos. What else? :)

ahhh, breakfast.

It’s not often that I am able to be awake and ready in time to make breakfast. This is a habit that I would love to change, because on the rare occasion that I do, my days are so much better. I feel energized and motivated and I’m not starving so much by lunch time that, while making lunch, I snack on everything in sight!

This morning, I was up nice and early and was able to make the mister a big breakfast sandwich. *pan fried bolgna and pastrami, a sunny side down egg, queso fresco and some salsa rojo, all on a nice bolillo.* And for myself, a nice big bowl of oatmeal… with just a sprinkling of sugar.

So for today, I have great expectations! I WILL clean out the closet! (The mister and I FINALLY built our dresser!!!) and I WILL cook something scrumptious for dinner, and I WILL be singing a happy tune as I work!


I am so thrilled…

All the little details for the Mister and my wedding are coming together! The location is under reserve and our appointment to sign the contract and select our courses and go over the details is all set. In addition, we’ve chosen the design for the cake as well as our cake topper. My dress has been ordered and I have a confirmation letter telling me when it will be completed. My hat/veil is being ordered this week along with my bridal jewelry. The cake cutter and sever have been ordered and I have all the materials to make my bouquet and the mister’s boutineer! We are going into Hollywood to this fantastic tux/suit store to get the mister’s outfit in a few weeks and we will be making the appointment for cake tasting soon as well! The supplies for the favors have been ordered and the wedding announcements are ready to be printed and addressed. I can’t think of much else that needs to be done!

How wonderful!

Our wedding is in 3 months and 8 days!!!


I’m having the hardest time getting motivated today. There are so many things I had planned on accomplishing today and so far I’ve barely managed one of them.

I had hoped to reorganize the bedroom closet. We only have one, small dress… and IT hasn’t even been built yet. Oh yes, IKEA is a wonderful place to buy furniture, if you have a mister who has time to help you assemble it! So, for nearly  two months now, the box containing our lone dresser, has been leaning against various walls in our home. Moved from room to room, corner to corner, as we adjust all the other living spaces. Until the miraculous day that we determine to build our little dresser, ALL of our clothing is in our bedroom closet. In addition to that, several containers, bags and boxes of the misters things that have yet to be sorted.

All that said, I am tired of rummaging for clothing every day… or being lazy and just wearing the same things over and over again. SO I will have to reorganize it all. At least, until we get our dresser built and until we can buy a second one.

In addition, I promised myself that I would make something scrumptious for dinner that didn’t include any cans or the microwave :)   I’m thinking something with chicken and the tortillas I’ve had in the fridge that I need to use up.

SO… off I go. Back to reality. This was my last distraction! I think ;)

it doesn’t get much better…

I’m sitting here, watching as the sun begins it’s descent against the horizon, a cool breeze blowing in through my open window and a plate of freshly baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies on the table in front of me. Oh yea, and a glass of milk. It truly does not get much better than this.

Today is one of those typically gorgeous days in Southern California. The kind that makes the hustle and bustle of the area worth it. The morning was the usual foggy gray sky, but sure enough, it cleared way for this magnificent day. I’ve spent the vast majority of it inside, but with my blinds pulled back and the windows wide open, I’ve certainly been able to enjoy it.

It’s a Saturday, the day that most everyone else seems to use to go shopping, exploring, head to the park or catch the new show or movie that they’ve been dying to see.  This makes Saturday such a wonderful day for me. I have the entire laundry room to myself and our courtyard is blissfully quiet, save the chirping of the birds and the occasional rustling of some leaves.

We recently moved here to Southern California. We being the Mister, the cat and myself. It’s been quite an adjustment. I am originally an east coaster. Born and raised. The life out here is so different that I don’t even know where to begin to describe it! What has kept me sane when left here alone to my own devices, has been my constant loves. The three C’s. Cooking, cleaning (yes… cleaning) and crafting. While I haven’t had much ability to craft (for a sore lack of supplies… alas, some things were left behind for lack of space in the U-Haul,) I have had the chance to cook a lot and clean.

I was very excited on my first trip to Sam’s Club, and I walked away with the industrial size box of Quaker oats. Having found that I have no realistic way of force feeding the mister and myself oatmeal for every meal of the day until they are used up, I have begun creating new recipes with them. They actually go well with just about everything. Then today, I realized, I had yet to do the most wonderful thing oats were ever intended for! COOKIES! So, out came the ingredients and I whipped up a lovely batch of my own recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

And that leads me to here. With my laptop. Sitting at the kitchen table, breeze blowing in, cookies now sufficiently consumed, milk following the same fate as the cookies and me, with a blog. The only thing I regret at the moment is not using my gut instinct to add more cinnamon. But then, I suppose that only means, I should make more cookies. :)